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How does one capture conflict?

The conflict between, humans and nature is such a loaded issue. Unfortunately there is no one right way, but a series of directions which can lead us to the to our endgame. The problem is the end game is assuming we are all on the same page of how we must interact with it and treat are a common. This is my perspective on the relationship I see we have as human embedded in nature. Me perpective is a combination of political perspective projected on the land, in the regards to treatment of the environment and the role climate change has and is changing it. To the encounter with the everyday people and the simple and basic understanding of the world around us. Now this is not to discredit them as individuals, but as a whole a trend I see with the lack of empthay and use of language around a living thing. A simple explanation or example of what I mean here, is the basic need and want to have a plant when bought from a store, nursery, garden center ect, that is shall be returnable. The fact that a life, can just be returned like a object, objectifies not only the life a of plant, but degrades its value as being replaceable. It would be as simple as at any place we encounter, a animal rescue, we get a refund or a free exchange if lets say your cat, bird, dog or turtle dies in the warranty period. Regardless of talking about a pet or a plant, the language of mechinizing a life a replaceable object, denotes and effects our ability to recognize value in a living thing. This means regardless of the direct benefits, we as a human find in the relationships with our pets or gardens, there is value, that can not have a dollar sign placed next to it. This brings me back to native, exotic and invasive plants. We do not accnoldege their benefits, and choose to eradicate them, on the premise of one plant have more interstice and aesthetic value then another. How do we change the way we perceive and talk about these living spaces, that brings back the value they allways had, in the minds of people today? For me this is where art comes in at full force.


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