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Through building complex and labor intensified method my sculptures and performance based work explore the social injustices inflicted on the environment and its creatures. Using scale to bring these issues to life, I am able to approach global issues in an emotional and thought provoking way. My most recent work continues to work with nature studies, incorporating the form into an unsettled state. While challenging social-environmental and political ethics, I am driven by my interest in embodied experience and feelings of self. I strive to use the concerns of Art, as space to challenge how one thinks about events happening in society today.  Works such as The Hanging, What Did the Whale Say? or One Leg Short of a Win, 6 Feet Under, as well as Athabasca Oil Sands, challenge the notions of public norms, while embodying the distress enforced through anthropological contact.  The principles behind these works challenge different types of relationships and conflicts, to evoke feelings and thought of the subject matter being presented. My works often embody a subject matter with a distinctive style that are both expressive and realistic.

Artist Statement 


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