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The middle ground

In our country where we pride ourselves for our diversity, this is only limited to how we see each other. Sadly this notion does not touch the lands that sustain us. While we may progressing on a social cultural level towards suitability, this same outlook is not stretched to our biodiversity. While looking around at the urban sphere that houses over 80% of the Canadian population, especially here in the GTA, it is hard to see how land unifies us. When we go through the suburban sprawl from one city to another, there is vegetation which surrounds us. Unfortunately this vegetation, is disinteresting, whether that be because of the lack of aesthetic appeal or the use of language around it. The plants that fill the spaces our pathways created, they become mainly filler in our eyes and labeled as weeds or invasive. These plants, mostly in the miscanthus family, aka grass, are able to tolerate the buffer zones. These buffer zones, though look less appealing to the eye are repercussions to the micro climates we create, while carving out our pathways.

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