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The Mark

Have you been walking around your area and come across these markings? Have you noticed them more and more this year? Have you ever wondered who, what, when and more importantly why?

All these ‘marks,’ are trees which are too be destroyed, do to pest infestation. Why are we losing so many of the old and new neighborhood trees, due to these bugs? Climate change.

Where have our Canadian winters gone? I mean yes, we still have snow on the ground and it does dip below -10 from time to time. What do I mean? There was a time, when winter, was actually snowy, cold for four months strait, not just a few weeks here or there. Without these colder months, pests, can survive our winters. Why is it getting warmer? Well, it can be simply put as a rise of CO2 in the atmosphere, trapping the sun’s rays and causing the earth’s surface temperature to rise. Keep in mind here these pests don’t just hit our trees in the city, but the Canadian forests we are so famous for.

Help protect our trees, forests, environment, by simply walking more, buying local and consume less.

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