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Canadian identity is dead

When many people think about the Canadian landscape, it is easy to picture some of the most iconic imagery. From the Canadian rockies, to classic white cedars depicted in most famous painters of the group of seven. For us Ontarioians, like myself, it is easy to think about the Muskoka cottage country, with the muskoka chair on the docks facing one of the many freshwater lakes. From the loons, to the moose, to that of the rocky landscape, we can define and unify ourselves by our relationship to our surroundings. The thing is, this space, this iconic Canadian landscape is changing. Native species are losing the battle to exotic and invasive species. As the natural environment shifts to the climate change, it will and is changes the species residing within it. Predictions, suggest the boreal forest will be lost with further warming in the north. What does this mean for our beloved Muskoka chair?

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