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Unconventional Colonial Pathways

Ive been thinking of how to bring the idea of culture back into the work and how to embody that in this particular work. There is something about how we make pathways, eroding them down, untill we have buffer zones on either side of the path. In this case, this allows oportunties to take over the bare patches. I have not really noticed them till now, after two weeks on the trails, paths, and sidewalks. Ive started to play with some diferent material, as to how to hold my crop I am growing. The key thing for my self is the emotional response from the veiwer. It has taken me a while as to how I want the viewer to respond in the conext of these events, of our ever changing landscape. Ive reallized there is no time machine. There is no clock that we can turn back time. Please welcome the new and changed Canadian landscape.

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