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Iconic Canadian Landscape

As I walk through the urban spaces, from sidewalks to dirt trails along the river banks, I see the same thing. Now this could be, that all I see is biased and I am not truly seeing everything. What I see is the same species over and over and over again. From the cat tails, to the simple yet annoying burrs, I pull from my dog’s fur. This is not limited to the spaces I interact with in Brampton, but in Milton, Oakville, Burlington and Caledon. Now this has a lot to do with similar ecosystems, but it has a lot to do with opportuntest’s. These images here are that over Baltic ivy, a common vine and ground cover loved by many gardeners alike. Unfortunately, this plant can easily become invasive. Here, you can see where the vines have stretched under the fence line and have taken over a path way, right a Sheridan College in Oakville. I have walked this path many times over my four years at this campus, but this is my first time realising these guys. What else am I missing along my travels as I am distracted by the common.

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