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We are all carriers

Opportunists are everywhere. We do not always see them, we only see the effects of them. Or do we? I've started to document a process that is happening everyday and we are not only the driver of it as humans, but we helping with the dispersal. Seeds are everywhere, they are on the sidewalks, park paths, small trails, driveways, and we help transport them there. At this point in time, awareness to one's surrounding, more importantly my surroundings has become a conversation what is defined as nature and myself. Today I walked through, one of the may small urban parks in Brampton, with my many walks with my dog Dude. Today is different, today change can not be dismissed so easily. This park has been affected by many things, it has many so called stressors. The banks are severely eroded, low biodiversity, and the small green patch is ravished with the effects of the emerald ash borer. What was once a small forest space, on either side of the river bank has become, a place of tire tracks, and clear cutting. Today, I see the effects of Climate Change. Today, I see my community change. Today opportunists take advantage of our weakness. Today, I see change.

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